Friday, January 15, 2010

I have a what?

I've been thinking about starting a blog for a long time...well, for the past 3 days, since I was inspired by some insightful, entertaining and pretty blogs (if a blog can be pretty?) I stumbled upon while wasting time online.

This is definitely going to be a work in progress, since I'm new to the blogging world. I don't live a super exciting life that is full of travels to exotic locales, attending art shows and wining and dining at the newest hot spot. My life tends to consist more of traveling to the playground and supermarket, watching the latest episodes of Dora and Diego, and dining (and downing a glass of wine before someone knocks it over while reaching for their crayons) at the local restaurant, unlucky enough to have us terrorize their fine establishment for the evening. But truth be told, my life is perfect. Perfect for me, my partner in crime and our babies- both the 2-legged and crazy 4-legged ones. I wake up everyday, although usually bleary-eyed from a night partying with children who have yet to learn the true meaning of 'sleeping through the night', staggering towards the Keurig to start the caffeine infusion, truly feeling like the luckiest gal in the world to have my perfect little circus.

So my hope for this blog is that it's a place to share the daily tidbits that make me laugh- photos, stories- and hopefully make you smile too. I also have this dream that I will incorporate recipes into this little project- being a working mom, planning the week's menu is one of my biggest annoyances...I love to eat- but the whole planning what we are going to eat? Not so much fun. I think it would be great to post, share and trade recipes and meal ideas and hopefully make everyone's life a tad bit easier- at dinnertime at least!

Thanks for reading and following- I know how precious time is, and I appreciate you dedicating some to me. Please share and invite others to follow- the more, the merrier!

p.s.- the hardest part of starting a blog was coming up with a name. My 3 year old daughter has invented this whole make-believe world where she is a cat, Fluffy, and has bestowed "kitty cat" names on everyone in our family (nevermind the fact that besides being allergic to cats, most felines don't like me and the feeling is mutual). My kitty cat name is "Puss in Boots", which often sounds like Puss in Boobs, which is super fun when we are in A&P and she is shouting "PUSS IN BOOBS!!!" while waiting on line at the seafood counter. Shout-outs to the rest of the kitty cat clan- Shorty, Foxy, Whiskers, Felix, Spikey, Jumbo and Heathcliff. Meow.


  1. Oh Pouf! Welcome to the world of blogging! I look forward to reading about all the wonderful and crazy moments... and who knows... possibly being inspired to cook a meal! I wouldn't hold my breathe though! Best of luck, hope you get a ton of followers! Love you!!!!

  2. entertaining!! looking forward to reading more!!

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  4. puss in boobs ahahahahahah....that's great. classic